Antari Foam Snow Machine

  •  Medium volume 

  •  With 10m flexible hose to allow the machine to stay on the ground 

  •  5L of snow fluid provides approx. 15 minutes of use 

  •  Able to create any effect from fine snow to blizzards 

Foam Snow Machine

  •  Low volume 

  •  Creates easily dispersed snow and flurry effects with its LCD control panel 

Rain Lance

  •  Light to medium coverage 

  •  Available handheld or on stands 

Rain Bars

  •  Creates a row of raindrops in line with a bar 

  •  Ideal for windows 

Rain Spinners

  •  High volume rain heads 

  •  Produces heavy rain in a spinning motion 

Confetti Dropper

  •  Able to drop confetti of various sizes and shapes 

  •  Releases in a slow and regular pattern 

  •  DMX controlled 

Confetti Cannons

  •  Infinite resets 

  •  Portable firing system through compressed air 

  •  Filled with a bicycle pump 


  •  Large range of colours, shapes, sizes and materials available for purchase 

Artem Smoke Guns

  •  For exterior use 

  •  High smoke output 

  •  Powered by gas and oil consumables 

Pea Souper

  •  Lightwight and protable 

  •  Dry ice powered, low smoke effect 

  •  9kg / 20lbs dry ice provides approx. 5 mins of effect 

  •  Dry ice must be sourced elsewhere 

Low Smoke Machines

  •  Uses de-ionised water and standard smoke fluid 

  •  Continous output achievable after initial heating time 

Viper Smoke Machine

  •  Lightweight and portable 

  •  Controllable via cabled remote 

  •  Can produce a 15m jet of smoke for up to 40 secs at max output 

Artem Medium Smoke Machine

  •  For exterior use 

  •  Very high volume smoke output 

  •  5L capacity 

  •  Powered by gas consumables 

Rocket Smoke Machine

  •  Lightweight and portable 

  •  Quickly dispersing smoke 

  •  Non-toxic, thick, dry, white smoke with no residue 

Phantom Hazer

  •  Virtually silent 

  •  Large output of fine haze which leaves no residue 

  •  Approved for use in historic buildings 

Dragon Smoke Machine

  •  Lightweight and portable 

  •  Produces persistent smoke 

  •  Dispersing smoke or medium hang-time smoke, as required 


  •  Boils water to create steam effects and rising smoke effects 

Smoke Genie

  •  Handheld machine 

  •  Powerful and versatile 

10 Inch Fan

  •  Small extraction fan 

  •  Doubles as a standard fan 

  •  16amp power 

  •  Single speed 

20 Inch Fan

  •  For interior use 

  •  Larger than a standard fan 

  •  13amp power 

  •  3 speed 

Double Bladed Fan

  •  16amp power 

  •  Variable speed 

Snail Fan

  •  Versatile, low profile 

  •  Powerful and compact 

  •  3 speed 

Mini Snail Fan

  •  Lightweight and portable 

  •  Low profile and quiet 

Makita Blower

  •  Lightweight and portable 

  •  Battery or mains powered 

Gibo Fan

  •  For interior use 

  •  Quiet operation 

  •  DMX controlled 

  •  Can be used with polythene snow 

Grain Blower

  •  Versatile machine 

  •  Can put a series of soft objects through i.e. petals, leaves, confetti 

  •  Can be hired with hosing 

Swirl Fan

  •  Projects confetti in a circular motion 

  •  Low noise, localised or spread cover 

  •  Can release continuously for approx. 1-3 minutes 

2ft Handheld Fan

  •  Lightweight, portable fan with high output 

  •  Battery powered 

  •  Requires a technician 

2.5ft Fan

  •  For interior use 

  •  16amp power 

  •  Variable speed control 

3ft Lightweight Fan

  •  For interior use 

  •  16amp power 

  •  Variable speed control 

3ft Rhino Fan

  •  For interior use 

  •  16amp power 

  •  Variable speed control 

4ft Fan

  •  Quiet, high output 

  •  32amp, 3 phase 

  •  Requires a technician 

4ft Petrol Fan

  •  Extremely lightweight 

  •  High output 

  •  Requires a technician 

Kobweb Spinner

  •  Attaches to a standard electric drill 

  •  Spins out cobweb filaments 

  •  Kobweb solution sold seperately 

Swirl Rig

  •  For swirling liquids in camera 

Vortex Generator

  •  Generates a swirling vortex 

Water Curtain

  •  Rig that creates a 1.5m wide sheet of falling water 

Dump Tank

  •  Can be used with water, gunge, balloons, etc 

Glass & Acrylic Tanks

  •  Available in assorted sizes 

IBC Heated Tank

  •  1000L capacity 

  •  Requires a technician 

Bubble Machines

  •  Available in small or large sizes 

Drum Foam Machine

  •  Produces large volumes of foam in seconds 

Drop Pipes

  •  Can be used to drop water, gunge, confetti, etc 

1ft Turntables

  •  Contact for exact dims 

  •  Table top turntables for smaller items like products 

2ft Turntables

  •  Contact for exact dims 

  •  Suitable for a person to stand on 

  •  2 ranges of speed available 

  •  Manual/lazy susan also available 

3ft Turntable

  •  Contact for exact dims 

  •  Suitable for a person to stand on 

  •  2 ranges of speed available 

  •  Manual/lazy susan also available 

4ft Lightweight Turntable

  •  For interior use only 

  •  Suitable for carrying objects and people 

  •  Manual/lazy susan also available 

4ft & 5.5ft Turntables

  •  For heavy duty use, can be used outside 

  •  4ft turntable (~1220mm) can be fitted with 5.5ft top to create a larger area (~1820mm) 

  •  4ft manual/lazy susan also available 

7ft & 8ft Turntables

  •  ~2134mm / ~2440mm 

  •  Requires technicians 

11ft Turntable

  •  ~3550mm 

  •  Capable of rotating a whole room 

  •  32amp, 3 phase 

  •  Requires technicians 

Rotating Room Rig

  •  Capable of spinning rooms, cars, corridors up to 4m x 4m x 4m x 4m 

  •  Requires technicians 


  •  Allows you to walk and run in the same place 

  •  Available in Chroma Key green 

Hydraulic Lift Platform

  •  Hydraulicly powered 

  •  Smooth and quiet 

  •  Can hold up to 400kg 

Prop Drops

  •  Controlled release of items 

  •  Multiple durabilities available, carrying 25kg all the way up to 2 tonnes (or the weight of a car) 

Gas Slinky

  •  Versatile and quick control 

  •  Comes in various lengths 

  •  For fire places, BBQs, etc 

Gas Lances

  •  An extended gas torch 

  •  Creates a variety of fire effects (incl. fire balls and fish tails) 

  •  Requires a technician 

Gas Jets

  •  Gas fuelled 

  •  Produces a controlled burst of fire 

  •  Requires a technician 


  •  Handheld, gas fuelled 

  •  Allows for controlled directional bursts of flames 

  •  Requires a technician 

Flame Bar

  •  Comes in various lengths and shapes 

Heat Haze Rig

  •  Used to create a shimmering distortion 

Fake Logs & Coals

  •  Non-flammable 

  •  Produces no smoke and lasts all day 

LED Embers Kit

  •  A heatless, smokeless, safe alternative to actual fire that can be installed in any fireplace 

  •  Ideal for listed buildings 

  •  Wireless, battery powered and remote controlled 

Clear Washing Machine

  •  Made from clear acrylic 

  •  Drum rotates and can be filled with liquid 

  •  Requires a technician 

Astronaut Helmet

  •  Based on Orion astronaut program helmet 

  •  Modifications considered at a cost 

Self-Lighting Candles

  •  Produces a real flame 

  •  Remote operated individually to allow for manual sequencing 

  •  Requires a technician 

Robotic Arm

  •  Manually operated 

  •  Claw attachment also available 

  •  Requires a technician 

Misc Props

  •  We have a large range of one-off items and props in stock which are available to hire, email or call us to enquire