The experts for Practical In-Camera Special Effects, Models and Mechanics - for over 25 years.

MACHINESHOP specialises in the design, fabrication and operation of practical in-camera special effects, model-making, electro-mechanical rigs and animatronics, as well as all atmospheric and pyrotechnic floor-effects for every form of film, tv, commercial, installation and live productions.

At our workshop premises in Park Royal, London NW10 we offer the latest design and manufacturing technologies; 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC fabrication, modelling, prototyping, software development, electronics, carpentry, metal fabrication, puppet making, scenic painting, CAD, design engineering, special effects equipment hires, all the way through to complete project management. From job commencement through to completion our project managers provide ongoing support and guidance, honest advice on design choices, lead times and deadlines, allowing clients the confidence to know their project will be delivered as expected, on time and on budget.

Our remit is endless, yet our specialty is unique. There is no creative idea that we can’t puzzle out a solution for. A puppeteered typing lobster for British Airways, a tiny one cup kettle for Yorkshire Tea, a 3D water printer for Gatorade, a replica trike from The Shining for Gucci, a hydraulic crushing machine for Candy Crush, a vertically suspended car for a Sam Smith promo, rigging vending machines and mixing up bloody vomit for This Is Going To Hurt, and complete SFX packages for features like See How They RunI Came ByYour Christmas or Mine and The Amazing Mr Blunden.

Our Special Projects division gets out of bed for the weird, the unusual, and the hardcore tech projects; kinetic sculptures, automated systems, permanent installations and product development, and can handle all stages from design to manufacture through to installation and maintenance. Most recently we completed installation of TWAXIS - a silent, two axis, 120 node, individually addressable gimbal system, originally developed for installation on the MSC World Class Cruise line.

In October 2020, Machine Shop Special Effects became an Employee-Owned Trust (‘EOT’) marking a new chapter in the company’s history. We now emerge honed, tempered and evolved as: MACHINESHOP - a company run by the employees for the benefit of all employees, with a singular purpose: to solve the problems others cannot.