Artem Smoke Gun

Portable outdoor smoke machine 


see it in action

Co2 Jet

Creates a jet of co2 on command via dmx 

Electric Smoke Machine

For smoke and fog effects indoors.
Smoke of various duration and density can be produced.

Large Outdoor Smoke Machine

Outdoor smoke machine

Low Smoke Machine

Creates low smoke using C02 and viper simular to dry ice effect 


see it in action

Micro Fog Machine

Hand held indoor smoke machine 


Indoor electric haze unit for creating soft atmospheres

Pea Souper

Dry ice smoke effect

Roadie CO2 Box

Attachs to roadie smoke machine allows co2 to cool smoke creating low smoke 

Roadie Low Smoke

Roadie Smoke Machine

Large smoke machine that pumps out a large volume of smoke 


High pressure steamer boils water and creates steam effects 

Viper Smoke Machine

Indoor smoke machine controlable via remote dmx various smoke fluids avalaible