TRO - the award winning experiential agency behind Nissan's innovation station at the O2 asked us to assist with a project to create a virtual test drive.  Alongside Setsquare Staging and the team at Projection Artworks we developed the interfacing between the real car and virtual environment.  As you would hope the on-board computer of the Nissan was not fond of the interventions we needed to make, lowering the top speed, reducing the braking force and overriding the rear wheel motion sensors, but our engineers managed to create workarounds so that we could maintain the level of control we required without compromising the cars own safety systems. 

The result is a true team effort and a huge success.  Hundreds of visitors pass through the innovation station every day, and it is a credit to all involved that despite being one of their most complex exhibits, the Nissan Leaf is also one of the most reliable.