20th Anniversary Showreel

06 August 2015

Machine Shop was established way back in 1993 - can you remember what you were doing then? Perhaps you had just bought The Prodigy's first album on cassette? Perhaps you were excited about the release of the first Dyson vacuum cleaner? Paul had already served 10 years at the BBC, creating special effects for programmes including Red Dwarf, Day of the Triffids,
The Young Ones and Doctor Who. It was now time, however, to create a company that would take things further. From the early weeks of props for Paul Daniels and the PG Tips chimps, Machine Shop quickly built a formidable reputation for projects of any scale working reliably and elegantly.

A massive body of knowledge has been accumulated over the years, covering explosives, animatronics, modelmaking, prosthetics, pyrotechnics, slow motion, robotics, electronics, weather effects, puppetry, bullet hits/blood rigs, gunge tanks, metalwork, machining, set building, inflatables, fibreglass, pneumatics, hydraulics, programming, optics, effects for live events, museum interactives, underwater shoots (tanks, pools, open water and offshore), C02 cannons, upholstery, glitter/confetti, CAD/CNC, 3D scanning/printing, motion control, lasers and beekeeping.

These skills have been applied across projects ranging from large and dangerous to tiny and fragile, from very special one-offs to batches of thousands, from our corner of London to all over the world. Except for Tahiti. We are still waiting for a job in Tahiti. For this special occasion we made a cake, and also this celebratory anniversary showreel. Some of the early clips have been taken from Ye Olde VHS Archive, so expect some slightly wobbly footage. Be thankful that we did not include clips from all 3500 completed jobs, otherwise the showreel would be rather longer than 100 seconds.