Joe Harte start

30 September 2016

We found Joe in the carpark

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Johnny Green's Sky campaign

23 February 2016

Johnny Green's Sky Campaign has launched!

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Happy New Year

07 January 2016

Its a New Year! Wowsers! Holy Camoly! Lets do some FX stuff!

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BTA Craft Awards

07 August 2015

The BTA Craft awards finalists have been announced and Machine Shop have two of the nominated jobs for Best Live Action

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20th Anniversary Showreel

06 August 2015

Machine Shop was established way back in 1993 - can you remember what you were doing then? Perhaps you had just bought The Prodigy's first album on cassette? Perhaps you were excited about the release of the first Dyson vacuum cleaner? Paul had already served 10 years at the BBC, creating special effects for programmes including Red Dwarf, Day of the Triffids, The Young Ones and Doctor Who. It was now time, however, to create a company that would take things further.

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