yellow fan

Small fan low profile 

silent fan

Indoor DMX controlled silent fan.

snail fan

Small fan low profile 

2ft fan

Large desk fan for gentle breeze

10 inch electric fan

Small extraction fan can be used as a normal fan also 

4ft box fan

Provides directional and steady wind in a non-spiralling manner.
Great when a realiable and directional jet-like stream of air is needed

3ft fan

Indoor air movement fan 

4ft Electric

High volume high wind fan one skated one trailored 

grain blower

Creates wind effects also can put a series of soft objects trough i.e pettles leafs confetti also used to create smoke effects 

Air Movers

Powerful air jets, requires a road compressor to run.

2ft petrol fan

Fan for use in outdoor enviroments fairley powerful

petrol wind machine

Outdoor wind machine high volume and high noise