10 inch electric fan

Small extraction fan, can be used as a normal fan also 

20inch fan

Fan for use in outdoor enviroments, fairly powerful for a desk fan.

2ft petrol fan

Outdoors petrol powered fan, quite powerful

3ft fan

Indoor air movement fan, good at moving large volumes air, smoke etc. But not a powerful wind machine.

4ft box fan

Provides a directional blade of air.

4ft Electric

High volume high wind machine

on a skate or trailer

SFX Technician required

3PH Electricity required



Air Movers

Powerful air jets, requires a road compressor to run.

Silent Fan

Indoor DMX controlled Silent Fan. Often used as a Snow Dropper for use with paper of polythene snow

grain blower

Creates wind effects also can put a series of soft objects trough i.e pettles leafs confetti also used to create smoke effects 

petrol wind machine

Outdoor wind machine high volume and high noise 

snail fan

Small fan low profile 

Swirl Fan

Projects confetti in a circular motion on a large scale also used for wind 

yellow fan

Small fan low profile 

Makita Blower

Lightweight Blower

Battery or mains powered